Administrativo litigio legal ABOGADOS Zihuatanejo Guerrero

In developing business activities in Mexico, keeping and promoting an ethical, professional and effective relationship with the public institutions (authorities and government) is essential to ensure that the petitions or requirements submitted before such institutions are resolved on timely fashion and in the most beneficial manner available to your business and within the law boundaries and without risking the activities and reputation of your business.

The above not only require of the knowledge and extensive professional experience of the legal procedures that are being carried out or submitted before such institutions or authorities; but also, a combination of multidisciplinary knowledge and efforts that include legal, fiscal, technical, economic and political-social aspects, as well as a high level of expertise and sensibility to appropriately communicate the business information to the government officers and authorities, that ensures your petition or requirement is correctly and fully understood and processed, and whenever possible, resolved according to your business interests. These attributes will be also a valuable asset to resolve conflicts with the authorities in the more adequate and less expensive way possible.

On the other hand, when the differences and conflicts with the public institutions can only reach resolution through litigation, it is necessary to have the assistance of professionals fully acknowledged and experienced in administrative matters and who can offer you the best solutions and strategies available to fight before the competent courts, the authority’s or government’ actions that are affecting or threaten your business.

On this sense, at Lozano Abazan & Associates we are fully competent and experienced to offer all kind of legal advice and support in administrative matters, both to Mexican and foreign individuals and organizations doing business or having investments in Mexico; whether in the lobbying of procedures before public institutions and that are related to ALL areas of practice of our firm, and/or in the negotiation and resolution of disputes with the administrative authorities, including litigation.

These services include:

  • Defense in Administrative Procedures.
  • Administrative Resolutions appeal and oppositions including: Fines and Penalties.
  • Administrative Resolutions compliance including: Payment and compensation of Fines, Penalties, Corrective and Preventive Measures, among other.
  • Procedures before the Consumers Protection Agency (PROFECO), Financial Users Protection Agency (CONDUSEF), among other.
  • Solicitude and acquisition of all type of permits, licenses, concessions and authorizations.
  • Consultation before authorities and Public Information Access.