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Investments in general require solid legal and tax structures and strategies to guarantee safe, long lasting and successful out comes.

Foreign investments also require an extensive knowledge and experience in the local legislation and commercial costumes and practices.

Mexican legislation promotes and benefits the Foreign Investment in the different sectors of the economy. Mexico is also a member party of different international commercial and tributary treaties that benefit and promotes the foreign investment activities in Mexico. Therefore, foreign investments in Mexico are subject to very specific regulations and, in some cases to certain restrictions.

For the above, it is important that in choosing an activity or business by means of which you are going to invest in Mexico, you have at your side the assistance of the specialized professionals that help you, with an insiders’ perspective, to:

– Define the feasibility and to choose adequately the type of activity and investment;
– Comply with the Law and tributary dispositions as well as the local commercial practices;
– Successfully overcome the language and cultural barriers;
– Guarantee long lasting and successful investments;
– Guarantee the appropriate interaction between your Mexican investments and business at home and/or worldwide, in its case.

At Lozano Abazan & Associates we can assist you in any matter related to your investments in Mexico.