INMOBILIARIO negocios litigio legal ADOS Zihuatanejo Guerrero

In Mexico as in every other country, in order to guarantee your real estate investments are safe and successful, whether private or commercial, the appropriate legal assistance of professionals fully acknowledged and experienced in the real estate field is required.

The appropriate knowledge and approach of the tax and legal implications the real estate transactions would carry, is essential to avoid unnecessary costs and contingencies.

Having the appropriate legal assistance will allow you to identify and prevent, any potential risk that could affect your investments and/or that could affect your ability to enjoy them or to acquire their proceeds.

At Lozano Abazan & Associates we have a wide range of experience and knowledge to offer real estate services fully integrated to your interests and needs, whether as seller or buyer, which include:

  • Due diligence of title and risk assessment on investment
  • Negotiations in real estate transactions
  • Letters of Intent (Offers), promise and pre-sale contracts
  • Purchase and Sale agreements
  • Fideicomisos (Trust agreements)
  • Legal advice on tax liability
  • Negotiations, assistance, preparation and formalization of Contracts such as:
    – Loan/Financing agreements and Negotiations
    – Mortgages
    – Permutes (Exchanges, Swaps)
    – Donations
    – Easements
    – Rental/Lease
    – Use
    – Property management
    – Real estate brokerage
    – Construction agreements
    – Employment and Services
    – Development and Infrastructure
    – Time share
    – Fractional property
  • Legal- administrative assistance on several matters, such as:
    – Zoning permits
    – Infrastructure and public services
    – Property valuation and reassessments
    – Subdivisions and mergers
    – Urbanization and development permits, licenses and authorization
    – Tax incentives and benefits for urbanization and development projects
    – Environmental Impact Authorization and Technical Study
    – Business licenses and permits
    – Notarial procedures
    – Lobbying services – public institutions (authorities and government)
    – Title Insurance
    – Construction and contents Insurance
    – Civil responsibility Insurance
    – Voluntarily Jurisdiction Processes such as Surveying and Demarcation works (Apeo y Deslinde), before competent courts.