FISCAL litigio legal ABOGADOS Zihuatanejo Guerrero

The Mexican government is continuously reinforcing and modernizing its fiscal system; and this is mainly to increase the tax collection, as well as to be more competitive within the globalized world that we live in. This has caused constant modifications in the Mexican tax legislation that both Mexican and foreign individual and organizations doing business in Mexico are obligated to keep up and comply with.

In order to comply with the tax obligations, a correct interpretation and application of the Mexican tax legislation, as well as the international tributary and commercial treaties of which Mexico is part of whenever a foreign investment is involved is necessary; and for that, the appropriate advice and support from specialized professionals who have an extensive knowledge and experience on both fiscal and legal matters, is required.

Having the appropriate advice of the specialized professionals both on the fiscal and legal matters, will give you access to an integral fiscal planning based on your interests and needs, that will guarantee not only the adequate compliance of the tax obligations of your business, but also will keep you away from unnecessary risks, contingencies and costs, which will allow you to focus on other aspects to grow your business.

Therefore, having the appropriate integral fiscal planning in your business will be a key factor to succeed.

At Lozano Abazan & Associates we can assist to both Mexican and foreign individuals and organizations doing business or having investments in Mexico; whether in the integral fiscal planning of their business, and/or in the negotiation and resolution of disputes with the tax authorities, including Litigation.

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