AMBIENTAL Y ECOLOGÍA litigio legal ABOGADOS Zihuatanejo Guerrero

Before carrying out any type of investment in Mexico it is necessary to observe the Environmental and Ecology dispositions as they influence the financing, costs and localization of the projects, and determine their feasibility and continuity.

On this sense, the lack of compliance of the environmental and ecology dispositions may be excessively expensive and derive in the imposition of criminal liabilities against the investor.

Therefore, it is fundamental having a preventive and integral environmental planning in the execution of investment projects in Mexico to adequately identify the best location for the projects or activities, as well as to accurately comply with the applicable environmental dispositions during all the faces of the project until its completion, in order to avoid unnecessary risks, costs and contingencies, as well as to guarantee successful investments.

At Lozano Abazan & Associates we have the necessary experience and knowledge in environmental and ecology matters to provide all kind of services and legal assistance in the creation of the environmental and ecology planning that results more appropriate to your investment projects, that among other include:

  • Legal due diligence in environmental matters and assessment of legal-administrative risks and contingencies in the investment projects.
  • Legal advice on the compliance of the environmental and ecology legislation; federal, state and local.
  • Legal advice and assistance in the application and obtaining of all type of environmental permits, licenses, authorizations and concessions that are necessary to execute your investment projects in Mexico; including:
    – Environmental Impact Authorization.
    – Technical Study for federal Zoning modification.
  • Legal advice and assistance in the compliance of Terms and Conditions of Environmental Studies and Authorizations.
  • Legal advice and assistance in defending and fighting administrative acts including:
    – Administrative Procedures before environmental authorities.
    – Litigation before Administrative courts.